This week I have been…

Beautiful blossom trees. Gorgeous sunshine. Blue skies. A long weekend. Our first Spring BBQ and plenty of family time. Well that was a lovely long weekend and thankfully the sun continued to shine. Wouldn’t it be lovely for everyone if the sun shone for the whole time we are in lockdown. It’s as if the weather man knows we need the sunshine to lift our spirits. It’s certainly working over here.

It’s been a week of working hard to keep things going over at H2 Consultancy, managing expectations and trying to help those that we can. I’m really missing working with Katie, it’s tough working at home and without my work buddy. We’ve worked together for the last 3 + years and I’m definitely missing our daily chats and nonsense.

It’s been a week of making decisions, we’ve decided to make a little progress on our garden after years of neglect. Which has coincided with losing a couple of holidays due to you know what. It’s going to be simple but much prettier and so much better for George. We’re doing it for him. He has already decided to spend his birthday money on garden games. So far he has a trampoline, basket ball net and football goals. I’m not quite sure they’ll all be on the actual list but for now he’s excited.


And so, this week I have been…



The mustard Weekday dress from last week had to make another appearance. I swooshed my way around the streets on our daily walk. My neighbours blossom tree is in full swing which was a real treat. So, I did it for the gram. I posed in front of the tree and boy was I happy. And then there’s my Topshop monochrome throw on dress which I just adore, it was an impulse buy at the start of the year that I am so happy I picked up. And lastly, my jersey slip dress in khaki from H&M which is just so easy to wear. I also spent Easter Sunday in my pj’s which was lush. Whilst eating my body weight in chocolate, of course.






Soon it will be four weeks of joining in with #pewithjoe over on his You Tube channel. It has been lovely exercising with George. I wrote this blog post earlier in the week thanking Joe for all that he is doing. I think he is a great mentor. And, how cool is this – he sent me a voice note on Insta about my blog post which was very nice of him and then he shared it on his Twitter and Facebook page. Thanks Joe! Huge brownie points for me with George! I think Joe is one of his heroes.




Since the lockdown I have been binge watching an America police drama, Chicago PD. And this week I have finished all 7 series, I won’t lie I feel a little lost without it. I kept stealing moments to watch an episode or during the times when the boys have been playing on the Nintendo Switch. Now I need something else to binge watch. Any recommendations?



As I mentioned a little earlier we have neglected our garden over the years, 12 to be exact. It has become overgrown with trees, struggled to keep the grass due to the lack of sunlight so it has pretty much just been a mess. Well, two of our holidays have sadly been cancelled due to you know what. So, we thought we’d attempt to make the garden a little more live able, a space we can spend the next few months enjoying. It won’t be exactly as I’d like as we just don’t have the spare pennies but hopefully it comes good. Hopefully. So far…




Bank holiday

Wasn’t it a delight. Now don’t get me wrong it would have been slightly better had we have been sharing Gin cocktails and a BBQ with friends, such is life. However it was lovely to take this slow, spend some more time together and enjoy the gorgeous weather. We actually painted George’s bedroom, can you believe we haven’t decorated it since he was born! Gosh. It’s been tinkered with for sure but never re painted. He’s happy. We have a little more to do on his bedroom, we’re just waiting for a few things to arrive and then I’ll share some photos with you.








I do hope you enjoy the weekend, I know lots of folk are struggling to distinguish between a week day and a weekend however for us, as we’re still working we both very much look forward to 3 pm on a Friday afternoon when we can switch off. Stay home, stay safe, save lives.

The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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