P.E with Joe Wicks

P.E with Joe Wicks

P.E with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has become the nation’s favourite health and fitness coach after he launched his online PE classes. From my family to yours Joe, from one parent to another – thank you. Thank you for keeping us motivated. For those positive endorphins that are so vital to our mental health right now. Thank you for the laughs. For the creativity in your exercises and the banter. For the geography lessons and the sense of community you have built. Quite literally we are exercising with hundreds of thousands of families, people young and old all across the Globe. You truly are a wonder. Thank you Joe.

For me exercise has always been an amazing way of feeling happier, staying positive and feeling energised. Also, it’s great for the body – physically I feel healthier and stronger. I feel good. I’m looking after myself. Because after all, why shouldn’t we look after our bodies when this vessel is what carries us through life. Quite simply it takes us from A to B. We need to look after our bodies. And right now, our minds. A little movement goes a long way when times are hard. And that’s why each morning at 9 am I am joining in with Joe Wicks.

For years I have trained. And for those that follow me on Insta will know that we are a family who enjoys being outdoors, taking part in many sports. Being active is what we all enjoy doing together. Gosh I miss watching George play football. I’ve always promoted the positive health benefits of exercise. But also, I have a very large sweet tooth and without some movement I know that I would not be happy with my body or how I feel. Let’s face it we’re all eating and drinking more. And that’s the main thing for me, at a time when we might feel at our lowest, when we are questioning life as we know it, the stresses of what is happening in the world around us, worries about ageing parents and those that are vulnerable. Now is the time to exercise. To keep moving, to stay healthy and positive.


What do we love about P.E with Joe Wicks?

It’s 30 minutes, with no equipment and a great way to keep children active without the worry of another School lesson to organise. As someone who is home working and home schooling I am so thankful for Joe becoming the Nation and World’s PE Teacher. He’s doing a great job. He’s even motivated me to start exercising again, after taking a few months off to care for George’s Granddad.

Unless my work commitments get in the way I’m managing to wiggle my working hours to fit around a 30 minute class with Joe and of course my gorgeous George. Who I have to say always asks, Mummy are you doing Joe Wicks today? I love that we are exercising together. George has dressed up as an astronaut, he’s exercised with his teddies but most of all loves that Joe makes him laugh by doing Spidy lunges and saying funny things.

And lastly, there is no mention of you know what, or the economy or any other negativity. It’s 30 minutes of good vibes, of positive energy leaving me feeling ready to take on George’s English lesson and my working day. Thank you Joe.


How to re watch P.E with Joe Wicks

I would recommend subscribing to Joe’s You Tube channel so that you don’t miss a workout. But also so that it’s easier to find when you want to play a class back or to delve a little deeper and do an abs workout! The site is such a great resource – all for free for you to scroll through and choose from. I have always followed along with Joe’s workouts, cooked from his Lean In 15 books – we genuinely like him as a person and think that he is the perfect role model for George during these uncertain and worrying times. And best of all George’s teacher is also joining in which he really enjoys chatting to her about.


P.E with Joe Wicks



And that’s why we love P.E with Joe Wicks. Have you been joining in?


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