Me and Mine – August 2022

August was one huge month. It’s been the month we started to allow George some independence and freedom in preparation for High School. And just like other chapters during this year, it really has flown by. Perhaps because we spent almost half the month exploring Cyprus. Spending time together as a family in the sunshine was just what we needed.

I started to write this post, as we were on our way to Wembley to watch Coldplay! George’s 4th gig of the year. It was incredible. So good. My favourite. Sadly I never did finish the post and here I am catching up as we approach the middle of September.

Less about my failings and more about the month of August. How was it for you?


It is safe to say August has been a big month, a month of firsts and a month of planning for September. Let me tell you a little more about the things that made us all smile in August, here is…






Spending his days at football club, sleepovers with friends, trying on his new School uniform, watching Coldplay for the first time and watching the first Utd game of the season.



BBQ’s in the evening sunshine with family and friends, sharing Utd’s first game with George, introducing George to Coldplay live, weekend walks with Bob over the fields and planning our Cypriot adventure.



Watching Coldplay at Wembley for the first time as a family, sponsoring George’s football team, a lovely summers day walk around Trentham Gardens, experiencing my first watersports in Cyprus and spending two whole weeks together as a family.



Long walks as a family, a sleepover with a friend whilst we were in Cyprus, and lots of treats.















As we storm through 2022, our 7th year taking part in the #meandmineproject I’m excited to see how 2022 continues to develop. A year full of adventure. A year where we will travel. A year where we will live.

Chapter 9 of 2022 awaits. The one where George starts High School.



The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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