5 series I’ve watched recently {Part 3}

I’m still here binge watching a Netflix series.

Before the pandemic finding time to sit down and watch a series just for me didn’t really happen. I mean with work, football schedules, drumming lessons and exercise classes there just wasn’t the time. Life has slowed down since then so I am making the most of this time before the busyness of normal life kicks back in. Don’t get me wrong Mr H and I watch a series or documentary together but the truth is he likes quite dark series and I’m more a light and fluffy kinda gal.

So, I thought I would make this post all about the series I have been enjoying and the ones I’m looking forward to watching. There are a few series I’ve loved in my previous posts that are coming back to the big screen soon. I’m talking about Selling Sunset, Grey’s Anatomy and The Crown, although I think that one is a little while off.

So, grab a coffee and maybe some mini eggs as I’ve got a few TV recommendations for you…



5 series I’ve watched recently {Part 3}



Chicago Med on NOW TV

Season 6 started a few weeks ago, I stumbled over this series when I first started watching Chicago Fire. It’s a spin off. I do love a medical drama, it has similarities to Grey’s Anatomy. The lives, drama and storylines intertwine, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters. And now, in this series they are fighting coronavirus, I found the first couple of episodes tough to watch as of course you are watching from inside an emergency room. Very real. Emotional.


Blue Bloods on NOW TV

A police drama set in New York City. It is a drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. The Reagans are a family I want to be apart of, and not just because of the hunky brothers which include Donnie Wahlberg. I have been watching this series for 10 years now and love it as much today as I did back then.


This is Us on Prime

Another series that came back a few months ago, incorporating Covid which adds so much emotion, reality and drama to Season 5. As the lives of 3 brothers and sisters develop, you can’t help but fall in love. It’s also incredibly sad in parts and will definitely leave you in tears. The writers really have created an incredible show. It first aired in 2016 but I only stumbled across it earlier this year. Awesome cast.


Bridgerton on Netflix

Well, what can I say. This was my New Years Day binge watch, quite literally completed start to finish in a few hours. Why is it so popular – for me it was the fashion, styling – set during the Regency era in England. With storylines set around wealth, lust, and betrayal and all from the eyes of The Bridgerton Family. It was funny, there was drama, some incredible outfits and let’s not forget the sex. So much sex. I really hope a second series comes back.


Chicago Fire on NOW TV

One of the original series I ever watched. It’s set in Chicago (of course) and as the title eludes to in a Fire Station. Firefighters and paramedics work together, there’s personal storylines, drama and just like some of the others I’ve mentioned this latest season 9 is set during Covid times. I’m a huge fan of these Chicago series and hope they disappear anytime soon.




Right now I’m stuck on The Bold Type, it’s definitely a binge watch for me – it’s akin to SATC, Emily in Paris with a whole bunch of Devil Wears Prada in too. Easy watching but quite addictive. Set at a women’s magazine in New York. My favourite City so I was always destined to catch this one. What have you been watching? Any recommendations for me?

Sending you all a bunch of love x x






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