Life with a puppy {Part 3}

8 months old already.

Has it really been 3 months since my last puppy update. I can’t quite believe how much Bobby has grown since I last updated you. He’s so tall now. He’s all legs, amber eyes and paws. Big paws. He has his Mummy’s slender frame and face and his Daddy’s colouring. I think he looks more like a dog now rather than a puppy. So blooming handsome. Full of life, kisses and so much love. That’s you Bob.

It’s February now and we’ve been back in a state of lockdown since the beginning of the year. What with Winter and lockdown combined it has had an affect on our adventures. The dog walks haven’t stopped of course but the adventures have. Apart from when it snowed which Bobby loved we’ve spent less time outdoors as it’s been so wet and cold.

When we decided to bring a new fur baby into our lives I never imagined just how much joy he would bring, raising a puppy has been such a different experience. He hasn’t replaced Alf but he definitely reminds me of him and is so alike him in many ways. Yet has all these quirky sides of his personality that make us all smile and laugh. He really is awesome.


Life with a puppy {Part 3}


Training – we’re still working hard on his training. He’s doing so well with recall, he’s great with his commands and listens so well. Our biggest focus at the minute is his walking, we would love to get him to the point where we are confident walking him off lead. It’s a long way off. He can be a a little monkey sometimes and have his head down sniffing or pulling when he see’s someone ahead. It’s a lot of repetition and correction but we know it will be worth it.

Food – as I write this post we are transitioning Bob to a complete raw diet with Natural Instinct. After 3 days everything seems to be going really well. He has really loved the Valentines Day treats they sent him. I’ll be sharing our thoughts over the next few months over on Insta – and if you’re interested I may even document our journey on here.

Things we’ve bought – We’ve upgraded his collar and lead. I found a local lady who hand makes them out of lovely tweed material. We went for a mustard of course, I don’t think we’ll ever deviate as the shade really suits him. And lots of new toys which arrived at Christmas, he’s annihilated most so they’ve pretty much already been replaced. Speaking of Christmas, he didn’t really bother with the tree although he did enjoy pulling the baubles off the tree and playing with them.

Adventures – Other than the snow arriving in December and January we’ve really just been on local street walks or around the lake at Trentham Gardens. Bobby loved the snow, it took a lot to bring him in. He spent most of his time in the house sleeping as he was exhausted from all the fun outside. Hopefully we’ll soon be back exploring further afield.


So that’s Life with a puppy {Part 3}.













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