5 things I’m looking forward to

5 things I'm looking forward to

I’m looking forward to so many things

But it’s not the big stuff. And it’s not how I thought this year would go. That’s the same for us all right? Usually by now we have a calendar full of half term activities, holidays and get togethers with friends. We’re not quite ready to start making big plans as there’s still so much out of our control. What I can control is the little things that make me smile. Make our family smile. And that’s what I’m looking forward to. 

Focussing on today’s wins, the little things is what keeps me going. As we read the stories of the number of people vaccinated I am filled with hope. So much hope. That we’ll be able to make plans eventually. And that it will be safe to move around more freely. And that’s why I thought I’d write down the…


5 things I’m looking forward to


1. Spring fashion – dresses with trainers and sandals, Spring colours, layers, blazers. I love my Winter wardrobe but I won’t lie I’m looking forward to having a switch up.


2. Lazy days in the garden – since renovating our garden last year and packing away the furniture for Autumn and Winter I’m really looking forward to alfresco breakfasts, BBQ s as a family and generally just relaxing together outside. Heaven. It welly made our 2020 having this space.


3. The football season – seeing George playing with his teams really is going to be wonderful. I miss seeing him on the football field. He’s awesome out there. We all miss it. The coffee and bacon butties on the sideline. Cheering George on. Celebrating the wins.


4. Blossom trees and Wisteria – I’m hoping that the Spring and Summer blooms will be a sign of the  future that is before us. As nature starts its seasonal cycle anew, spring offers us a time for hope and renewal. I cannot wait to transform my Insta with blooms.


5. Warm sunshine – I’m craving the feeling of sunshine on my face. Walking out with the family, sitting and enjoying a picnic together. Eating ice cream. Brighter days, more light, longer days. I miss the light. So much.




And that’s my 5 things I’m looking forward to


I think I’ve found this lockdown a little harder than before because it’s cold, wet and windy and nothing to look forward to. Really, I think that’s it. The season of warm sunshine is just around the corner. It’s incredible what a bit of sunshine can do. Which got me thinking about all the things I love about this time of year. But what about you?

What are you looking forward to?



The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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