Me and Mine – July 2020

Me and Mine - July 2020

Farewell July. Our greatest adventure of 2020 so far.

A month when we saw travel restrictions lifted, where we could see more friends and family. The month our new furry baby joined our family. Bobby Hargreaves. A busy month really. In comparison to the previous 4. After the excitement of June and George’s birthday celebrations I wasn’t sure how the summer would play out. Thankfully it has been filled with so many fun things and we still have our holiday to look forward to.

And so, it’s the end of Chapter 7.

We always say that as soon as George’s birthday has passed we really are on the countdown to the end of Summer and of course Christmas. It doesn’t quite feel like that this year. I think we’re all so desperate to enjoy every last moment that we going to hang on to summer before we start to think about what the end of the year brings

And so, let me tell you a little more about the things that have made us smile, here is Me and Mine – July 2020 …



Going away for the weekend and staying in the Wigwam, a sleepover at his best friends house, football training kicking back in, receiving a trophy for the end of the football season presentation and lastly the day finally arrived for us to pick up our furry baby.



Enjoying beers with his friends, booking flights ready for a close friends wedding celebrations in France next year, heading to Manchester for a date day which we haven’t done since Christmas, George’s football season kicking in and lastly settling Bobby into our little family.



Visiting the Cotswold Lavender Fields, a little weekend break at our favourite Wigwam park in the Cotswolds – we really did enjoy a change of scenery, wearing my new pink dress on our date day in Manchester, getting to the final of Grey’s Anatomy and the day Bobby our gorgeous labrador puppy pounced into our life.



Me and Mine - July 2020




And that’s our Me and Mine – July 2020

I’m so glad I am continuing to grab some photos of us during this time. Just the one together this month, but at least we have a record. You can take a little look at this year’s me and mine project ‘s here. I say this each and every month, but this truly is a gorgeous family portrait project. Maybe even more so this year. Documenting this time. Next month I’m hoping we can include Bobby in our photos when we are at the beach in Devon!

And lastly, I hope you have a wonderful month of August ahead.


The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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