What to pack for a trip to the Florida theme parks

What to pack for a trip to the Florida theme parks


I don’t know about you but deciding on what to pack for any holiday is one of my favourite things to do. It is my thing. Writing lists, filling shopping baskets, researching the weather and must haves. Outfits planned out by day and night. Toiletries, accessories and more. Although, this time it felt different. My concern was with what clothing and footwear to pack. My Florida Style Diary might help you in your planning.


The weather was unlike any other destination. Our activities were so different from any beach trip or adventure holiday before. It took a lot of research, watching vlogs and reading blogs to get a gauge for this type of trip. I’ve heard folk saying don’t wear nice clothes or shoes. I couldn’t help but think, why ever not? It’s a holiday. You want to feel nice. Although I agree that practicality is key.

What I learnt from our own trip is that don’t over complicate it. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Walking around a theme park in some way is no different to exploring when at a holiday destination. You won’t always be riding coasters – therefore dresses and skirts are just fine. That sportswear despite the recommendations was not the best – it was just too hot. Loose fabrics were far more comfortable. And don’t forget that you might indeed get caught in the rain – footwear that is water resistant or dries quickly are the best options.

We visited in April 2019, we took over 35,000 steps on average a day so indeed you do need to be both comfortable and prepared for the heat. My advice would be to consider your footwear more than your outfits to be honest as gosh – the walking really does take it out of your feet and legs. If you are a trainer person wear them, if you are a sandal person wear sandals.



And so I thought I would share my top tips for…


What to pack for a trip to the Florida theme parks



1. Layers for the evenings as it does get a little chilly in restaurants, because of the air-con.

2. Pack an umbrella rather than a poncho as they’re too hot and sticky, the rain is actually refreshing.

3. A backpack that is insulated to which you can pop ice packs in is great for keeping water and lunches cool.

4. Comfy footwear and ones that can get wet – I wore Teva sandals and Saltwater sandals. My birkenstocks were only comfortable for small periods of time. Air rifts for children which were my sons favourite and Birkenstocks Rio Kids which are waterproof were a huge hit.

5. Pack a change of clothes and shoes for each day, we left ours in the car. We changed due to riding wet rides or to freshen up from the parks to eating out in the evening. Not always.

6. Charging banks for mobile phones and batteries for cameras. We regularly used 1 charging bank each per day as a minimum.

7. Save pennies for the pressed penny machines, they are wonderful souvenirs.

8. Sunglasses, spray on suncream as it’s easier to apply, lip balm with SPF and sun hats. We experienced 34 degree heat in April 2019.

9. Basic first aid items including calpol, paracetamol, antibacterial products, soothing footcream, plasters and handcream.

10. Snacks, lots of snacks. For when you’re caught out in a queue or in between meals.

11. Toiletries including cooling mist and body spray for in the parks. So refreshing.

12. A phone necklace and pop grip, perfect for safely holding your phone and removing the need to keep popping it in and out of your bag. The phone necklace really was a great buy. I didn’t have to worry about losing it or about dropping it.

13. Hair accessories – the heat played havoc with my hair. I packed head bands and long hair ties and they really helped. George wore bandanas.

14. Download the game ‘heads up’ – such fun to play and the perfect way to entertain families whilst stood in a queue.

15. ID wristband for your children. The parks are incredibly busy however this small aid really would help in the event something did happen.




What to pack for a trip to the Florida theme parks




And that’s my What to pack for a trip to the Florida theme parks. Would you add anything to the list? If you are planning a trip to Florida then I would recommend you looking at my Travel page where I have written many top tips from our trip to Orlando in 2019. As well as lots of posts dedicated to the parks.

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