Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World

Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World

Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World

When we first started to plan our trip to Walt Disney World we always thought that the rides and attractions would be our priority. And don’t get me wrong they were top of the list. With the exception of meeting the Star Wars characters we agreed that we would take a view on character meets each day. After visiting Disneyland Paris three times, we thought we’d ticked them all off. We honestly didn’t think it would be a priority for George.

Secretly I hoped it would be as it’s a huge part of a trip to Disney for me. And thankfully my wish came true. Within a few hours of stepping into the magic that is Walt Disney World it turned out to be quite the opposite. George had a whole new list of characters he wanted to meet. There are so many characters that we hadn’t met before like Launchpad and Mickey Fantasia. Well, we just had to meet them didn’t we.

When you enter the parks simply grab a free guide and map for specific meet-and-greet times or check the My Disney app or website. We preferred using the app as it was much easier to navigate. You can use a Fastpass (at no extra cost) which we did if we had spare, most times we were lucky enough to stumble upon a reasonable queue or saw the odd character wandering around the parks. They rarely stop and allow you to take photos but we were lucky to have some great interaction and even danced with Goofy around Dinoland U.SA. And so, here are my…


Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World


1. Magic Kingdom to meet Mickey and Minnie at Town Square Theatre

This is a wonderful meeting spot. Just as you walk into Magic Kingdom on the right. Often the busiest so we did use a fastpass for this one and I am so glad that we did as seriously, it was my favourite. We all loved it. As we visited in 2019 Mickey & Minnie wore their Celebration outfits which were very special. Minnie loved my skirt so much, she asked me to twirl. And there you have it, my princess moment. I’m so glad I planned my Florida outfits.


Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World




2. Hollywood Studios to meet Mike & Sulley

We never managed to find these characters at Disneyland Paris so when we stumbled across them at Hollywood Studios we knew that it would be an opportunity not to miss. We didn’t manage to grab a fastpass and waited an hour to meet and greet them. But honestly, it was worth it as George had the most incredible interaction. He was wearing a Spidy tee so they all pretended to climb the walls. I just love how you aren’t rushed and made to feel special. Incredible.


Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World


Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World


3. Visit Epcot to meet Big Hero 6

Inside Image Works you can meet this character. Although with minimal interaction due to it’s size and costume it wasn’t my favourite but George loved meeting him. This one did feel like a conveyor belt to me. But as I said George loved it. You can also meet Wreck it Ralph in this area. It’s actually a really great part of the park as lots of entertainment for little ones. Perfect for if there is a storm.


Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World


4. Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios to meet Buzz Lightyear

No trip to Walt Disney World would be complete if you didn’t meet one of Andy’s toys. The queue for Woody and Jessie was ridiculously long so we took the opportunity to have some fun with Buzz who surprisingly didn’t have more than a few people waiting. Most people dash to the slinky dog queue and miss him out until later in the day. Buzz was the first ever character he met back when he was 4 years old, I will never forget that moment. I’m so glad he still feels the magic of meeting the characters.


Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World


5. Magic Kingdom to meet Tinkerbell

I have to say this meet and greet was a huge favourite of mine. You see on all our other Disney trips the boys have never really allowed me to indulge in the characters I had on my list. Grumpy pants. Well, in 2019 I ticked one off. The styling was so much fun and Tink was hilarious. We had a spare fast pass and as we were walking past the Town Theatre on our way out of the park, we thought we’d take the opportunity. We booked a fastpass there and then – I’m so glad we did.



6. Star Wars Launch Bay, Hollywood Studios to meet BB8, Chewbacca & Kylo Ren

Of all the character meets George was most excited about meeting the Star Wars characters. We actually met them all as part of the Star Wars Tour Day which we paid extra for. However you can meet them at the Launch Bay which is a must. I love that BB8 talked in beeps back to George, seriously I’m certain he knew that George was wearing him on his tee. I would definitely recommend wearing character clothing as I think it gives you extra points when meeting characters.





7. Dinoland U.S.A at Animal Kingdom to meet Launchpad

Now I don’t know if Launchpad is here as a regular meet and greet but the area was decorated just for him. I really do hope he is as it was great to see such an unusual character. He was fun, engaging and so so tall. George loves to watch Ducktales, so this really was unexpected. His only wish is that he now gets to meet Huey, Dewey and Louie. I hope you’re listening Walt Disney World.



8. Hollywood Studios to meet Mickey Fantasia

You need to make your way down Commissary Lane to find this wonderful meet and greet. Just around the corner from the Sci Fi Diner. You can actually meet both Mickey and Minnie here, they are two separate interactions but just the one queue. Another meet and greet that we queued for which was a little longer than we expected at maybe an hour long but totally worth it. A must see.





9. Hollywood Studios to meet Donald Duck

You can also meet Donald in Animal Kingdom and Epcot however we never managed to see him on those days. Meeting him at the entrance to Hollywood Studios was very much a chance moment. We spotted him coming out of the Cast Member entrance and zoomed across to the meeting point. Donald will forever be one of my favourite meet and greets. He’s always so much fun.




10. Meet Mickey & Minnie at the Adventures Outpost at Animal Kingdom

Our last Mickey & Minnie photo. We did book a fastpass for this one and I am so glad that we did as it was a lovely way to end our day at the Disney parks before we moved on to Universal. They were resting at their Exploration Headquarters and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Just look at Minnie’s outfit and that pose. Oh Minnie.




And that’s my Top Ten Places to Meet Characters at Walt Disney World. Are there any others that you would recommend? One last tip – be sure to remember your camera phone or better still if you have a Memory Maker the photographer will scan your band and you can download the images to your phone. If you don’t have a memory maker just ask the Disney Cast Members to take your photos as they will be only too happy to.

If you’d like to read more tips for visiting the Florida Theme Parks then head over to my Travel page.


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