Our favourite moments of 2020

Our favourite moments of 2020

Looking back on our memories fill my heart

Each year I love to look through photos I have taken from the year gone by. To make a sort of photo book of the year. Which of course for 2020 will be the year we stayed at home! I always love to see which big and small moments we recall, but also to see if the same memories stand out for each of us.

But, this year I considered not doing so. It’s so easy to think negatively of last year. That was until I started to scroll and then speaking to George and Mr H. Once we started chatting I realised despite everything 2020 wasn’t all bad and that I needed to write these down. It isn’t a year we want to forget. And, I had to remind myself that these are the posts I love to read with a cup of tea and a biscuit (to dunk of course!).



Our favourite moments of 2020


1. Birthday celebrations – a huge part of 2020 was our birthdays. We started the year with our 40th birthdays and I am forever grateful that we both had this time with our friends. We were so lucky. It was the last time we have seen some of them. Little did we know what was coming. How the year would unfold. Such great memories.


2. Manchester Derby – one for Mr H. It was the last football match he went to see at Old Trafford. Apparently it was a great game!


3. Our garden makeover – I couldn’t have pulled this list together without mentioning our garden renovation. It made such a huge difference to our lives in lockdown. Especially George. From having no outdoor space as the country was locked down to a new space that boosted us all so much. A transformation that took us 10 weeks. George had his football pitch and we had our grown up area. We worked together on it as a family project, it really was a family affair and a huge positive I am taking away from the year. I cannot wait until the weather warms up.


4. Time with Alfie – we lost Alfie at the end of May. We spent the last 10 weeks of his life with him which I am so thankful for. All day and night which pre-covid we couldn’t do as life was so busy. What we gained in 2020 was a whole 10 weeks with Alfie, all day and night, so much quality time.


5. Spending time together – what a wonderful thing to come out of the year. Seeing more of each other, we became closer as a family, we really enjoyed the time. And as difficult as I found home schooling, navigating my business through Covid, working full time, managing our mental health and supporting George with staying active I also really enjoyed the endless hours we spent together as a family. I felt privileged to take on the role of George’s Teacher. Learning together. Appreciating the little things.







6. Falling in love with Bobby – gosh having Bobby arrive and become part of our family was such an unexpected joy to come out of 2020. He arrived on July 29th, what a joyous day that was. He brought so much love and happiness to our lives. As we were prepared for losing Alfie we agreed as a family that we would all like to raise a puppy. We were recommended a breeder by a friend and I am so glad we found Bob, well actually I think he chose us. It was love at first sight. Those amber eyes.


7. Discovering Devon – we all needed a summer holiday. To escape lockdown life. A break together. Ilfracombe was so beautiful. We found the most amazing apartment which was in such a great location. We had the blend of a small harbour town but then were minutes from Woolacoombe with it’s truly gorgeous beaches and viewpoints. Thankfully we were lucky with the weather and enjoyed a week of sunshine. It was also Bob’s first beach trip.


8. Camping in the wild – a little spontaneous fun in the Welsh Mountains. This trip has definitely encouraged us to plan more camping adventures for 2021. Although to ensure we survive, I think we’ll need to go with our friends. Although next time we’ll definitely go when it’s lighter at night so we don’t pitch a tent in the dark! We really enjoyed it. We went to such a great location.


9. The football season kicking in – George and Mr H really missed football training, the teamwork, matches and generally being in the community again. As much as we tried we couldn’t replicate the fun he has with his teams. I also missed supporting George but secretly loved having my Sunday mornings back!


10. Seven days of Snowfall – having our very own Winter Wonderland just a few days after Christmas and into the New Year was incredible. It was the perfect end to the year. It was George’s favourite memory of the year. 2020 certainly challenged us but gosh were we treated to the weather. On one day it actually felt like we had been transported back to Lapland.












Our favourite moments of 2020


The year ahead is unpredictable. But we have each other and one thing is for sure we became stronger as a family in 2020. Appreciating what we have is a lesson many of us have taken away from 2020. Hopefully as we push into 2021 we are all still learning from this. As a family we really made the most of the quieter times. Of the things that really matter. In some ways I am really grateful for the challenge of 2020.

I would love to know your favourite memories from 2020. And now, onto creating new memories for 2021!


KA x x


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