Christmas movies that will help you feel festive

It’s never too early for a Christmas movie!

Fear not, if you haven’t found your Christmas spirit then this is the post for you. It’s good to share and we do love this time of year. I will admit to watching our first Christmas movie sometime in November, anything goes this year right? Usually by now we’ve dug out all of our favourite Christmas movies and started to watch them, not this year. Why? Because, this year Netflix and Disney + really have spoiled us.

We haven’t even touched our classics collection or the fun and silly ones like Jingle all the Way, Grinch and more. We have squeezed in Home Alone and the Holiday. Must haves. So many on this list have to be watched. Some really wonderful festive movies are being showcased on Netflix and Disney +. I can’t help feel like this year they’ve released them all just to add some extra magic. Really it’s all you need.

We’ve watched them all already and I may have watched one or two more than twice. What else is there to do when the boys are playing football! Can you guess which ones?


And here are some Christmas movies that will help you feel festive …


1 Christmas Chronicles on Netflix

2. Last Christmas

3. Jingle Jangle on Netflix

4. The Knight Before Christmas on Netflix

5. the Holiday

6. Miracle on 34th Street

7. Godmothered on Disney +

8. Joelle on Disney +

9. Christmas Chronicles [Part 2] on Netflix

10. Holiday in the Wild on Netflix





What Christmas movies are on your list? I will admit to really enjoying watching Noelle and Godmothered, such feel good movies, with gorgeous stories and two amazing leading actresses. George loved them both and I know we’ll watch them a few times again before the big day. Do tell us which are your favourites, we’re always looking for new ones. If you’re looking for a more traditional list full of some wonderful classics then you can read last years list here.

Happy Christmas x x


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