Me and Mine – September 2020

Me and Mine - September 2020

Farewell September.

Another chapter closed for 2020. September was the month we planned to stay home. We always take this month slowly, there’s new routines to settle into – more so this year than ever before I say. As we didn’t quite know how things would go we purposefully left most weekends free as all George’s football training and matches stepped up a gear too. Last month we stayed in a lovely apartment in Ilfracombe, this month we went on our first camping trip in the Snowdonia National Park

I said this last month, as much as this hasn’t quite been the Summer or year we thought it would be for George, we’ve adjusted and tried to find new ways to have fun and found joy in the small things. Like camping, although that felt big to me. Our friends are seasoned campers and have been trying to get us to join them one weekend for a while and so we did it. And I am so glad we did. We all had so much fun.

And so, it’s the end of Chapter 9. As I write this post the air is crisp, there have been morning friends and glorious sunrise and sunsets. This really is a beautiful time of year to be outside and then straight back in to cosy under blankets.

And so, let me tell you a little more about the things that have made us smile, here is Me and Mine – September 2020 …



Going back to School, taking our first camping trip with his best buddy, the promise of cutting his hair (I might cry but I’m also excited for him), winning player of the match and walking Bobby to School.


Finally getting Mummy to go camping, morning walks with Bobby with a frost on the ground, football season kicking back in, catching up with friends, finishing some jobs off around the house and a new winter coat.


Going on long dog walks with Bobby, camping with friends, the change in season and my wardrobe, lazy weekends, recording my first fashion related Instagram Reels and catching up with friends.



Going on walks, seeing ducks and squirrels, sleeping in a new bed, eating chicken feet and making furiends with a spotty dog.









And that’s our Me and Mine – September 2020.

I say this each month, but it feels right that I am continuing to grab some photos of us during this time. Especially as we now have a new addition. I’m so excited to see him grow with George through these photos. You can take a little look at this year’s me and mine project ‘s here. This truly is a gorgeous family portrait project. Maybe even more so this year. Documenting this time feels so precious. October is another quiet month for us, it always is actually as we find our way into a routine, this year more so than ever.

Have a wonderful month ahead. Chapter 10.


The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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