Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon

Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon

This week’s post is full of ideas for what to pack if you are holidaying in the UK.

It isn’t my usual packing list. There was a distinct lack of dresses, costumes and accessories. I think I got it right. Instead I had that dilemma of packing for a week’s break to the Devonshire coastline at a time when the weather couldn’t quite decide what it was doing. On an hourly basis the weather forecast changed and so I packed for every season.

Would it rain, stay dry and bright, or would the sun shine? Even the three weather apps we use were dishing out conflicting advice. So, it was a suitcase filled with layers, waterproofs, sandals, summer dresses and jumpers. An all weather suitcase which actually I found really tricky to pack. Mainly because of space.

And typically as we arrived in Devon we were treated to 4 days of glorious sunshine so actually I think I got it just right. Layers for when we had a cold breeze and jackets for those brief showers. I definitely needed my shorts & sandals. Phew.

Like when holidaying outside of the UK I try to piece outfits together in advance, with layers that compliment outfits and ones that are easy to carry. I find this saves time and space in your suitcase. It also means I have everything planned for what to wear on each day when the boys give me a moments notice on heading out. You can read a little more about our break in this week’s What I’m loving this week post.


Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon



I find a khaki one goes with most outfits in my holiday wardrobe. I took two, one with a hood for rainy dog walks and one without to wear as a layer. I picked up mine from Diesel and Zara a few years ago. The high street have some great alternatives.


Denim shorts

I say pack as many as you can squeeze in. I took two pairs with me as well as another linen style. They look great with costumes, t-shirts, jumpers and jackets when you need to add a layer. So easy to style. My favourites are from H&M or Topshop. I would recommend sizing up. The ones I am wearing are a size 14 and 16. I like them to be oversized and comfortable.



Just in case the weather didn’t play ball. I’m a safety girl. I packed a pair of jeans and joggers, I’m glad I did as we did have two cool/rainy days and definitely appreciated them. I recently picked up these Tori Mom Jeans from New Look in a short leg, they’re really comfortable.


T-shirts and vests

I don’t think you can ever have too many t-shirts in your case. H&M and New Look stock my recent favourites. I love adding a splash of colour to an outfit, I love these pink and camel tones. It’s been a little while since I’ve paired a white vest with denim but actually I had forgotten how simple yet classic this look is.



I packed two mini floaty dresses just in case it was warm enough. I actually managed to wear both. I layered both dresses with my denim shirt when it got a little cool. The pink one looked cute with a jumper as it looked like a skirt as well. I picked this one up in the All Saints sale.



Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon requires layers. Go overboard as you won’t get caught out like Mr H did. At any moment the weather could change and I never like to be chilly. I packed sweatshirts, a cardigan, a denim shirt and a white shirt. Perfect for layering and could sit easily under one of my Jackets.



I actually found this part easier than when we travel to Spain. I packed my Teva sandals for walking and for comfort, my Birkenstocks, Saltwaters for a pop of colour and a pair of trainers. I actually never wore my trainers. The Teva and Saltwaters are great for beach days as both can get wet.


Beach bags

I always pack a rucksack which is great for walking, and then there’s my beach bag for carrying all the towels and now Bobby’s bits for the beach. And of course a small basket bag for wandering around the shops.



Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon


Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon



Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon





Packing for a trip to the seaside in Devon






Would you add anything to the list? I did forget one item – my stone coloured Blazer, and truthfully I really missed it so don’t forget yours! If you are looking for a place to stay in Devon then read my post all about our family holiday in Ilfracombe.

Love KA x

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