Life Lately {Adjusting to life after 5 weeks of lockdown}

Life Lately {Adjusting to life after 5 weeks of lockdown}

Gosh, has it really been 5 weeks. As hard and strange as times are right now, I can’t help but think that these last 5 weeks have gone by so quickly. We are navigating such strange times. This feels like an unguided journey. We look forward to our weekends. To our new routine of eating lunch together, our daily exercise, Zoom quizzes, and more time together as a family. Which George tells me is one of his favourite things since lockdown. Despite life feeling and looking very different, we’re creating something happy and joyful for our little family.

Lately I’ve found myself wondering what life will be like when we come out of lockdown. The changes that are ahead. What they will look like. A new way of living. Before this all kicked off and we were watching it spread across China and Italy a friend said to me that Coronavirus will change life as we know it. I didn’t believe her. Maybe it was my naivety. Or maybe, I think, it was my way of coping. I wasn’t ready to accept what was ahead of us. It’s so easy to get lost in your thoughts. As strange as this time is there are so many things we will look back fondly on. I just know it. I cannot wait to hug everyone we love so tightly.

And so, I thought I would update my first lockdown diary with a few more thoughts on a few things that are helping us to navigate…


Life Lately {Adjusting to life after 5 weeks of lockdown}

Slowing down

As a family we are used to living life in the fast lane. Mainly because of George’s football commitments which spread across 3 nights and weekends. And then there’s drumming, cross country and well, George’s constant desire to be active. I guess what this time has taught us is that we can enjoy much slower days. I crave slow days whereas the boys will always find something to do or somewhere to be. We all enjoy being active, exploring, going on adventures. But right now, we are finding new things to enjoy. Being forced to slow down really has been lovely.


Learning curve

As each week goes by we are learning so much about each other. About our neighbours. As time goes by, as we spend more time with one another I can’t help but fall deeper in love with our little family. I feel so much closer to George and cant help but notice how quickly he’s growing up. We feel so much closer. I am so enormously proud of all of us. Of how well George has adapted and coped with the changes.



One thing to come out of this time is that George has gained the confidence to ride his bike on the road. Last summer we started to go on weekend adventures on our bikes but we very much kept to country paths or canal paths as George feared the roads. In some way I’m sure he’s more confident because there are less cars on the road but hopefully by the time we are out of lockdown he will be that confident that the busy roads won’t knock him back. I cannot wait to be off on adventures again.



I often lose my thoughts to those who have lost their lives, are unwell, are lonely, to our NHS, carers, teachers and all the other key workers helping to keep our country going. Together we will get through this. Although as I say that, I am also very aware that we are lucky to be home together, are safe and well only leaving the house for food and our daily exercise. We’re adapting. We’re thankful. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

And that’s Life lately {Adjusting to life after 5 weeks of lockdown} for our little family.



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