Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World

Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World

Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World

Back in 2019 when we started to plan our trip to Florida, I remember madly researching each individual Disney Park trying to map out which rides George would be able to go on. The rides that we would be able to experience together as a family. And that’s what I love about the Disney Parks. We were spoiled for choice, at 48 inches / 122 cm, George could ride all 49 rides at Walt Disney World.

And all in preparation for booking our fastpasses which is a whole other blog post you can read. But for now I thought I’d share George’s top rides. When we visited the Disney Parks he was 7 years old and a bit of thrill seeker having visited Disneyland Paris and Busch Gardens before our Walt Disney World days. I think the rides we’ve chosen together would suit children between 6 – 10 years old. With the exception of Expedition Everest and Space Mountain which might not be for first time riders.

And so here are our…


Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World


1. Star Tours

Located in Hollywood Studios, situated just near Backlot Express. We first rode Star Tours in Disneyland Paris and knew that it would be a must ride. I’d class this as an experience ride as its a simulator, but a rather fantastic one. If you have Star Wars fans in your family this is a must ride. It is so immersive, a real treat for Star Wars fans. Just riding this again at Walt Disney World has made us all so excited for when we are able to return and visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.


Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World


2. Slinky dog dash

Another ride located in Hollywood Studios. Visiting Toy Story Land was high on our list and actually because we knew how busy this area was going to be we booked Early Morning Magic hours as a treat for George. It was amazing to fully experience Andy’s back yard without the queues. As we stayed off site this was the only way we could visit at this time of the day. It really was worth the investment as we managed to ride Slinky Dog and Toy Story Mania several times.



3. Expedition Everest

We all exclaimed Expedition Everest our favourite ride of all the Disney Parks. And couldn’t wait to ride it again and again. Such a thrill, super fast with twists and turns, huge drops and gosh was it so much fun. The themeing in Animal Kingdom is just wonderful. So immersive. I remember the boys riding it three times in a row whilst I sat in the sunshine planning our afternoon. We managed to grab one fastpass for each of us which I would recommend to ensure you get to ride it.


Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World



4. Space Mountain

After riding Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris when George was a little younger, and him being completely freaked out by it we were all a little worried about riding it again. We needn’t have been worried. The ride is quite different. George loved this version of the ride in Magic Kingdom, Florida. Highly recommended. Such a great family ride.


Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World


5. Severn Dwarfs Mine Train

This was a new ride on our trip to Magic Kingdom last year. Surprisingly we managed to ride it without grabbing a fastpass which was very much a chance moment. Getting a fastpass before we travelled just wasn’t possible. After we finished riding Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain at rope drop, we checked the Disney App and the queue was only 15 minutes. We ran, we rode, we loved. All before our first fastpass kicked in at 10.30 am. A fantastic ride, again with great themeing and lots to entertain the children with as you queued. And don’t forget to visit Gaston’s Tavern nearby for one of our favourite snacks – A Cinnamon Bun.


Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World



6. Toy Story Mania

A trip to Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios wouldn’t be so without visiting Andy’s bedroom and riding Toy Story Mania. It reminds me of the Buzz Lightyear ride over at Magic Kingdom. It’s so much fun and definitely brings out your competitive side. Sadly you can only ride it as a two so I was always left to my own devices as the boys were in a competition. Despite the queue I would try the standby line as the fastpass queue misses all this fantastic theming. We missed it all and couldn’t help but take a look through the fascias. The Disney magic is real here.


Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World


7. Flight of Passage

Animal Kingdom, the boys favourite park. With the exception of the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge that opened after our trip to Florida – Flight of Passage is the ride everyone rushes to at rope drop. Frantically books a fastpass and often there are none left to grab. We never managed to get a fastpass however after getting some tips from two cast members we took their advice and got on the ride within 90 minutes. They told us to check wait times at midday, the queues are always shorter apparently as everyone is grabbing lunch. They were right! Makes sense. 90 minutes might still sound like a long time, generally the queue is beyond 240 minutes so we felt very smug indeed. And the time flew – there is so much to see as you wander through you honestly do not notice the time.


8. Test Track

An unexpected treat in Epcot. We were a little underwhelmed with the rides if truth be told. In 2019 when we visited Epcot was our least favourite of the parks however I am sure that will change when we return as it will soon be home to Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy. It will soon be a must visit for us. Anyway back to Test Track – a great ride and most definitely worth queuing for or grabbing a fastpass for. What a fun and totally different ride to anything other we had experienced. And the ride at the end, what a thrill. Super fast.



9. Toboggan Racing

Visiting the water parks at Walt Disney World were a huge part of our trip. Our favourite out of the two was Blizzard Beach. Whilst I took the opportunity to have a rest day the boys didn’t stop. Not at all. Taboggan Racing was a huge favourite for George and the one he screamed about the most. I didn’t manage to grab a photo so instead you have us bobbing along in the wave pool, the only part of the park I ventured to.



10. Rock n Roller Coaster 

I will admit to the initial burst of this ride scaring George a little (see photo below) however he very quickly screamed sounds of joy and came off declaring Rock n Roller Coaster his new favourite. He went on it again and again whereas this one wasn’t for me, once was enough that’s for sure. Gosh it was super quick. I enjoyed sitting in the sun with a cold drink whilst the boys rode it again.




And that’s our Top 10 Rides for Children at Walt Disney World. Would you add any to the list?


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