This week I have been

This week I have been.

Oh hey there Friday.

Where did you spring up from?

It’s been a funny old week. Despite falling in love with Autumn, cosy Sunday afternoons, the change in my wardrobe and layers I’m going to be honest and say that I am struggling with the dark mornings. And then there is the impending dark nights. Slowly I can see the light disappearing. I’m sure I’ll readjust soon enough but for now I just wish the mornings were still bright when I rise at 6 am.

How are you finding the transition? I popped the question on my Instagram grid in the week and it would seem I am not the only one. It goes without saying that I love a bright morning, it just makes getting up easier right? Although the dark mornings do mean that George sleeps in which makes lazy mornings even more possible. I love enjoying a cuppa in bed waiting for him to stumble in with his crazy bed head for snuggles.


This week I have been:


Catching up with a friend

One of my closest friends no longer lives in my street – I know I was so lucky when she did. And so it’s become a bit of a tradition that we grab coffee together on a Saturday morning every once in a while, just us without the little boys in our lives. A date that I very much look forward to. Last weekend was our catch up and I cannot wait to see her again very soon for birthday drinks. And as she’s such a great friend I roped her into grabbing a few outfit shots for me, thanks Becky x x



1975 has been on the playlist a lot the last few weeks. As a family we love the band so much. Mr H and I managed to grab tickets for when they are on tour next year. We’re hoping to make a bit of a weekend of it, it’s in between our 40th birthdays so I’m hopeful we can squeeze something in.



Ooh so first up I have to tell you about the Joker! We had a little date night last weekend and went to the cinema to watch it. It was brilliant. Dark, troubling, intense and so emotional. Joaquin Phoenix is awesome as the Joker, his dancing was something else. The best yet I feel which is a bold statement as I also thought the same about Heath Ledger. The film’s director Todd Phillips has created something very special in this move.

And then there was The Capture and The Confession. The Confession was incredibly tough to watch, as a parent what was a true story I found it really difficult. Because if that was my daughter I would want a Police offer to take the same action. Well, I don’t know about you but I was more than a little disappointed with the ending of The Capture. I guess it has been left open to a second series but really, what a crappy ending.



My Red Mag made it’s way through the letterbox so I couldn’t resist indulging in a little me time. I just love all the Autumnal vibes, the fashion and of course the interviews. There are so many this month that it’s taking me a few reads to get through it.




I have so much love for my wardrobe right now. Especially my Dr Martens. I’ve never worn them so much. They have been in my wardrobe for years and come out each winter but never have I worn them so much. If truth be told I am planning my weekend wardrobe around them. And of course there’s this tulle dress from Zara, it was a bit of an impulse buy although at £29.99 it was a bargain. Over the years I have always wanted a dress or a skirt in this style but never took the plunge. I am so glad that I did this time around. I might never wear it as a dress, instead styling it as a skirt but that’s OK right? I’ve updated my Wardrobe with my latest Style Loves if you fancy a little snoop.


This week I have been
Coat – New Look, Skirt – New Look, Boots – Dr Martens, Jumper – H&M


This week I have been
Tulle dress – Zara, Boots – Dr Martens, Bag – Topshop, Jumper – H&M



This week I have been
Coat – M&S, Jumper – H&M, Leather Leggings – Next, Trainers – Vans (all last season)



And that’s a wrap on this week’s I have been post.

Have a great weekend.


The KA Edit
The KA Edit

I’m Kerri-Ann or KA as my friends call me, always found with a cup of coffee in one hand and my camera in the other. I have a huge passion for photography, fitness, fashion and family travel. I started this blog in 2014. It began as my creative outlet after becoming a mummy to our little boy George Archie. I started out blogging about parenting and over the years it has evolved into a blog that covers lifestyle, fashion, family and travel. Today TheKAEdit is ultimately a life and style blog. Thank you for reading x x


  1. 17th October 2019 / 12:55 pm

    I love that tulle skirt, its gorgeous. I’ve been struggling with the dark mornings, its so hard to get motivated in the mornings at this time of year.

    • The KA Edit
      20th October 2019 / 5:30 pm

      Aww thank you – I’m all about tulle at this time of year

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