Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co

Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co
AD – some of the furniture, rug and accessories were gifted to us by Great Little Trading Co. I have not been paid for writing this review however it was part of the collaboration that I would share my honest opinions.

Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co

Since the new School year begun we’ve been looking at ways of creating a grown up playroom for George. He’s in Year 4 now. He’s growing up so fast and needs a little more space for learning. We wanted to create a room that encourages him with his homework and School projects as well as a space for creativity and fun. Which in itself is a difficult combination as his playroom combines both.

So, with the help of Great Little Trading Company we’ve created a grown up looking playroom. We’re lucky that this room has a huge amount of natural light, so we’ve worked with that and agree that this is the best room for a desk and chair. It’s practical and fun. As the room is a large area we have the space to create an area for a workstation, a reading corner and one where he can play with his toys.

As he is growing up we wanted a room that encourages homework first. And what we have now is just that. It’s practical and comfortable. Bright, colourful and organised. One of our biggest challenges was separating the desk area from the toys. I think we’ve done it. I’ve included all the details of the products that could help you to create a similar space below.

Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co


Creating a homework station







If you’ve ever thought about adding a children’s desk to a playroom then this Tall Whittington Desk is fantastic for growing children. It offers longevity as it’s recommended for 5-12 years and the matching chair would be the Nelson Desk Chair in White. It’s beautiful and created with a little person in mind. With a drawer for putting away activity books and ample space for storing pens and pencils as well as a pin board for those important notices or certificates. George loves having his own desk, and with the addition of this desk tidy and shelves the desk space is clutter free. As they say – tidy desk, tidy mind. Which is exactly the rule his teacher follows at School.


Finishing touches





Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co


Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co



As much as George loves School often we find he favours coming home and popping something on the television. It’s a tough one as he needs his downtime. To encourage a ‘homework first’ rule we have introduced a reward chart and calendar. This one is lovely and colourful and really easy to use. Each time George ticks something off his homework list or maybe even helps around the house he can pop one of the rainbow stars in to the cloud. And as George has lots of commitments after school, homework schedules, math and spelling tests to manage we added this desk calendar as a way of reminding him what he needs to do each day.

We also took the decision to position the desk in the corner of the room. Purposefully his back is to his toys and the window. Reducing the chances of him getting distracted. Let’s face it, it is his playroom. Already it’s working. I love that something as simple as where we to position the desk has had such a huge impact. And with the addition of toy chests and kid’s storage cubes everything is tucked away, out of sight. Although I do think the reward chart will come in handy for tidying away his toys. If you are looking for a toy box I would highly recommend this Poppins Toy Chest & Cushion. It doubles up as a lovely window seat for when he has his friends over or even reading a book.


Creating a cosy reading corner



Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co


Creating a grown up playroom with Great Little Trading Co





The final step in creating a grown up playroom for George was to add this gorgeous Zigzag Rug and bean bag. We wanted a space that allowed him some down time in between School, homework and after School clubs. A reading corner and a cosy floor space for playing with his toys. The addition of the rug adds just that, it’s super soft underfoot and as it’s 100% natural wool it feels luxurious – yet adding a grown up twist to a little boys playroom. And lastly with the addition of a bookcase you have the blend of being able to see the books as well as once again everything being popped away and organised. Practical wins every time for me.

I hope these tips and ideas are helpful. Creating a space that suits George right yet allowing him room to grow was so important. I think we’ve done just that. Thank you to the team at GLTC for helping us to create this space. And if you’re looking for more tips then do take a look at the GLTC Insta page.


You can read more about our partnership with Great Little Trading here – we have been #TestingTeam members since 2016.

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  1. 28th October 2019 / 8:39 pm

    Looks AMAZING.
    I love GLTC. We have a couple pieces after visiting the shop when it opened.

    But that desk, now that is special. Addison would love that. She spends the best part of everyday writing stories, creating books and drawing.

    Hope George loves it x

    • The KA Edit
      29th October 2019 / 7:29 am

      Thank you. We’re really pleased with the space. GLTC really are a great brand. The desk would be perfect for Addison

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