The diary of a football mum {Part 1}

The diary of a football mum.

I always knew this day would come. Saturday mornings will never be the same. Our mornings will now be governed by football matches and team training. That said, what a great morning it was. We were both so excited to watch him play. Up early and ready to hit the fields. George full of excitement. Shin pads, water and a waterproof for the boy. Mr H and I had hot coffee and we’re ready to stand proudly on the sidelines waiting for the whistle to blow on his first game. And what a great game it was. His little team worked so well together.

As we left the house George pleaded with me not to be ‘that’ embarrassing mum. I had been teasing him all week that I would be his cheerleader, proudly shouting his name, maybe a little instruction (who am I kidding, I know nothing) – only to be met with a stern looking 7 year old. No mummy. Please don’t embarrass me mummy. I think I may have just entered the embarrassing mum stage I hear so many friends talking about. Just another reminder that my boy is growing up.

His first game – the day he was made Captain, the day he scored the first goal of the match which I’m told was a great goal. He made some incredible passes and really came into his own. He ran for a whole 60 mins with just a few breaks and definitely slept well that night.

In true George style the first few minutes were a little wobbly, he just needed a few minutes to stand and watch before coming into his own. All this was new to him, he’s gone from training in a sports hall to playing 5-aside against another team. He doesn’t struggle with confidence but only when he knows the full picture. This boy is definitely like me, always likes to know exactly what is ahead. There’s no ‘winging’ it for this boy.

The boys of ‘Newcastle Town Juniors’ didn’t win on this day but they jelled as a team, the comaraderie and support for each other was lovely to see. Such a great combination of skills, they all had their strengths. The mummy’s and daddy’s, brothers and sisters all stood watching, cheering, clapping when each player made a great pass, scored a goal, missed a goal or made a great run. It really was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. My new favourite way to spend a Saturday morning cheering on my boy.



Here’s to the next match. Maybe one day I’ll be watching from the stands at Manchester United.



The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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