My holiday style {Part 1}…

Aloha blue skies and sunshine, oh how I miss them. I’ve never really suffered with holiday blues, I am usually quite good at distracting myself until something else pops up on the calendar. Well, not this year. We returned home from Spain a few days ago to what feels like Winter two months early. I don’t think I have ever known a September to be as cold and rainy, and so on that note I am living through my camera roll and remembering the feeling of the sand in my toes and sunshine on my back.

In a bid to keep the holiday memories alive I thought I would share my favourite outfits with you. Well actually, this post is all about the swimming costumes, cover ups and other bits and bobs I wore in the day. Over the years I have become obsessed with dressing for the beach, is that really strange? I look at my beachwear as an outfit – after all I spend a larger proportion of our days on a summer holiday at the beach or wandering around a town than we do in an evening. Why was I only focussing on what I wore in the evening?

The options are endless for what to wear to the beach, whether its a floaty dress, denim shorts and a kimono or a maxi skirt. I like outfits which sit between casual and something a little stylish, a little swooshy, adding a splash of glamour and dare I say a little elegance to the day. I have never been confident having too much on show, so for wandering around the streets in the day a cover up is high on the list. I knew this year that we would spend some days exploring nearby Cities and so as the sales hit I couldn’t help but shop for cute day outfits which were lightweight but allowed me to go from the beach to stomping around the streets with ease.

And here are some of my favourites…

My boater hat from Sunshine and Shade was by far my most loved accessory, it protected my hair from all the sun damage and hid the sweaty mess I often find myself in. Although very quickly followed by my straw bag from Next. I picked this up last year and customised it this year with pom poms, as its so big it lends itself so well to a family beach bag.

What else can I tell you. I am a huge fan of the black and pink costumes I picked up from Topshop, and so reasonably priced too. I wouldn’t usually shop there for beachwear but I’m really glad I did. Since becoming a mummy I haven’t had the confidence to wear a bikini, I prefer to wear a costume but one that’s a little different, still fashionable but covers me up. I loved these two, the frilly straps on the pink one and the open back on the black one.

You can’t go wrong with denim shorts, a costume and kimono combination in my opinion. I picked up this floral one in the New Look sale, I love the colours and the length. Another favourite was this white shirt dress in the picture above from Next, this was a last minute buy – one of those impulse buys Mr H shouts at me for!

Do you have a go to style for the beach?

The KA Edit
The KA Edit

I’m Kerri-Ann or KA as my friends call me, always found with a cup of coffee in one hand and my camera in the other. I have a huge passion for photography, fitness, fashion and family travel. I started this blog in 2014. It began as my creative outlet after becoming a mummy to our little boy George Archie. I started out blogging about parenting and over the years it has evolved into a blog that covers lifestyle, fashion, family and travel. Today TheKAEdit is ultimately a life and style blog. Thank you for reading x x


  1. 13th September 2017 / 12:32 pm

    You have such a gorgeous sense of style Kerri Ann and I love all these outfits. That pink swimming costume is all kinds of wonderful. I’m definitely going to be coming to you for style advice when we have our next beach holiday xx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      14th September 2017 / 3:17 pm

      Aww you sweetheart, that’s a lovely thing to say. The pink costume is my absolute favourite x

  2. 14th September 2017 / 8:03 pm

    I love your style Kerri Ann – you look absolutely gorgeous in all of these photos. I feel so stuck in a rut with my clothes and am really struggling with what to wear. I desperately need some summer clothes for when we go away in a few weeks time – I’ve only got one ancient swimming costume, no cover ups and all the shops are full of winter clothes now. Help!

    • Life As Our Little Family
      15th September 2017 / 10:44 am

      Aww thank you lovely. Oh crikey yeah it isn’t a great time to shop. Have you checked to see the end of the sales? Online stores often have summer stuff but in sale x

  3. 16th September 2017 / 1:56 pm

    These are lovely and so perfect for hot, summery days. I didn’t go abroad this year and totally missed wearing a floppy hat and swimming costume! Great style post 🙂 xx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      17th September 2017 / 6:47 pm

      You can’t beat a floppy hat & costume combo x

  4. 19th September 2017 / 12:38 pm

    Ah Kerri-Ann! I love all your holiday photos, you looked really lovely and I still think that last photo looked like something out of a travel mag. Such good idea to think about your swimwear as an outfit too. I never do and always feel like I look a bit disheveled during the day on holiday. Can please go back to Spain now??? xx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      20th September 2017 / 7:13 am

      You little sweetheart, thank you for being so kind. I love that photo so much too. And yes lets go back to Spain now x

  5. 19th September 2017 / 1:38 pm

    I absolutely love your holiday style KA, very relaxed and comfortable and you always look amazing. So effortless!! That hat is so you!

    • Life As Our Little Family
      20th September 2017 / 7:12 am

      Aww thank you honey, you’re very kind. I LOVE the hat so much, so sad I have had to put it away for another year x

  6. 22nd September 2017 / 7:46 pm

    I have never thought to wear a one piece with shorts it looks amazing. Guess it’s like wearing a body suit one it is a great style. I struggle with my front Tum so not sure I could pull this style off like you have it looks gorgeous on you as does the hat it was a sure staple winner. You have amazing holiday clothes. I always look grumpy in thrown over side tshirt dressses. I wear a bikini but hardly take clothes off too embarrassed maybe one piece is the way forward. Next year you are coming to dress me for my holiday.

    • Life As Our Little Family
      23rd September 2017 / 6:41 am

      You are a real sweetheart. You look amazing in a bikini, I just like to feel comfortable and a costume/cover up does that for me. Always happy to lend a hand on a summer wardrobe x

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