10 best beaches to visit in Crete


As a family we love a beach holiday. Exploring, finding hidden beach coves and quiet undiscovered sandy shores along the coast is something we all love to do. Between that and eating in good restaurants. Beaches are the first thing we Google. So, I thought I would share our 10 best beaches to visit in Crete from our trip in August 2021. And if you want to see more photo’s drop over to Insta as I have saved highlights from our trip and dropped lots of photos on my grid.

Since it is Greece’s largest island, Summer is obviously its busiest season, yet somehow it didn’t feel like that at all. In part that was because of the pandemic but also because there are so many villages to explore. So many beaches. And if you are prepared to be up and out super early, I can say that most places were not nearly as busy as I had expected.


One of the best ways to explore Crete is by car, explore and go off the beaten track – not just to see the beaches but the cities and villages also. I would personally recommend hiring a car via Discover Cars as there are no hidden costs. As a family of 3 we always opt for a Fiat Panda, easy to park, cheap and the perfect size. Beaches in Rethynmo were much busier than those you had to drive out to. Although, driving in Greece isn’t for the faint hearted – you must have your wits about you and be prepared for some pretty treacherous roads. With some incredible views, and absolutely worth it for that alone. I have never seen views like it. Incredible Crete.



10 best beaches to visit in Crete



1. Agia Pelagia, a traditional fishing village with a narrow beach. Feels super exclusive near to Alymra Seaside Bar. Sunbeds sit in the sea, that displays as crystal clear water. Great for water sports and snorkelling. Super relaxing.



2. Bora Bora Beach, located along the Rethymno beach. With an adjoining bar serving the best breakfast, lunch, dinner & cocktails



3. Preveli Beach, also known as Preveli Palm Beach. The beach is small but long. There is a beach bar serving drinks and snacks. The highlight is the Palm Tree Forest and absolutely worth the trek down to the beach (and back up).



10 best beaches to visit in Crete
4. Seitan Limania, a remote beach cove. The cove is surrounded by rock formations and the water leads out to the sea. Incredibly beautiful. As it is a small cove I recommend visiting around 9am. Watch out for the goats.



5. Geropotamos Beach. A beautiful cove near Rethymno. Susceptible to high winds. Located on the beach is an awesome beach bar in the shape of a boat. Fantastic. Located just off the highway, easy to miss but worth the visit.



10 best beaches to visit in Crete
6. Baboo Beach Club. A super relaxed and exclusive vibe. Hidden at the very end of Bali Beach. Chic, stylish, relaxing. Great food and drink. Super comfy sun loungers.



7. Sirokos Beach and Bar. Located near Lake Kournas. Stop off on your drive back to Chania or Rethymno. Very chilled beach bar vibes, great food and cocktails. Narrow beach, close to the water. Incredible views.



8. Bali Port Beach. Just around the corner from Bali Beach. Quaint with the port for all sea trips. The beach was narrow, popular with snorkelling and water sports. The views from the Harbour Cafe were incredible.



10 best beaches to visit in Crete
9. Matala Beach, famous for it’s hippie vibes, bars and incredible caves. We were blown away by how beautiful this beach was. A really fun and relaxing vibe. Incredible views over the bay and caves. Incredible.



10 best beaches to visit in Crete
10. A fun Beach Shack along the Adelianos Kampos beach in Stavromenos near Rethymno. This beach bar is located on the beach, just in front of the Golden Beach Hotel. It’s a vast beach with incredible waves. The bar serves the best Mojitos and bar snacks.



And that’s our 10 best beaches to visit in Crete. You can see a few clips from our trip in this Reel I made over on Insta. There were 3 other beaches we desperately wanted to visit but sadly they were a little too far for us to travel to this time. Next time we will make them a priority – Balos, Elafonissi and Falasarna Beach. We visited Greece in August 2021 during Covid-19. It was wonderful to experience travel again and feel grateful for having the opportunity to travel.


If you are planning a visit to Crete you can read all about the Apartments we stayed in, 5 reasons to visit Crete as well as what it was like travelling during Covid. You can find them here. I hope they help and would love to know if you visit one and any recommendations you might have for us to try next time.


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