This week I have been

Hey there!

I fell off track again, you know keeping my little weekly journal up to date. I really should remember to set some time aside each week as looking back on the week gone by, looking for the little loves of the week really do make me smile. I’ve written this style post for a few years under, under slightly different guises.

I guess you could say a little something or should I say someone distracted me. Have you met Bobby? A good distraction.

The last time I pulled a post like this together were were waiting for the day to come when we picked him up. And now, he’s been with us just over a week. He’s blooming gorgeous and despite the lack of sleep he’s brought so much joy to our home and family. We’re all about the puppy love right now. Despite what you see on my Insta we have been doing other things *inserts smiley face*. Anyway…


This week I have been


Catching up with friends

We headed over to a friends house last weekend for a garden party. A friend we haven’t seen since March – what was really special is that she is pregnant and is very close to baby arriving. We haven’t seen her as the pregnancy has gone on so it was lovely to have a really good catch up before their little bundle of joy arrives. It’s a girl!



Ooh it’s been a really hot week hasn’t it. The summer clothes are in full swing once again and it looks like the weekend is set to be a stunner too. As the summer doesn’t quite look like we’ve been planning I will admit to wearing all my summer dresses for most of lockdown.







We’ve been watching the new Zac Efron series – Down To Earth on Netflix. Have you seen it? Its really awesome. Each episode has us gripped, a different feature and country eacgh time. Incredible really that the topics he’s discussing are so real yet so far away from the worlds reality. The show is very relevant and often extremely thought provoking. A reminder that we as a human race have so much to learn when it comes to sustainability and wellness which we could all do with more of right now.


Visiting my hairdresser

Here is a little before and after for you. Just before lockdown I had something called a ‘face frame’ popped into my hair with some flashes of blonde through the ends. Back in February the idea was to build on this, well the time finally arrived. It took a few hours but I’m so glad with the outcome. Although feeling a little overwhelmed with the blonde I do love how it’s settling. And best of all Mr H and friends say they love it. Which always helps. What I love about this style and the bayalage I have had put in is that it’s really low maintenance and won’t need building on again until Christmas time, or beyond.




Counting down the days

It is nearly holiday time. Beach, Ice cream and Fish n Chips. Despite having a week off in May, we sadly had to say goodbye to Alf that week so if truth be told it wasn’t quite the break or week full of day trips that we had planned. We decided to spend every last minute with him. And so, we booked a week in Ilfracombe way back then, finally it has arrived. We all need this time to reset and break away from home. Bobby will of course be coming with us so it’s going to be a great adventure. His first splash in the sea. Memories will be made.


And that’s this week’s update.

Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend?


The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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