This week I have been

I’m not sure if I’ll carry on writing these weekly posts. Maybe I will, or maybe they’ll appear in a slightly different form. I can’t promise that I’ll have enough to share, although I will say this – this weekly post is about looking for the little things that make me smile. And it feels important at this time to do exactly that. To look for the little things. The small moments of joy.

This week I have seen some bloggers and content creators being shamed on Twitter for continuing to write, to share and talk about subjects that mean something to them. I write for me, it is my coping mechanism. It’s how I got through premature birth and other tough times. I need to write my thoughts down but also this is my happy place. As is my Instagram. I’m not going to apologise for that. Seeing this criticism has made me think about the content I’m putting out there, I will continue to be sensitive and mindful about what I share.

These last two weeks have reminded me to be grateful for the little things. I think as a family we have always appreciated the simpler things in life, we have always felt blessed to be a family but I am sure there are some things that we take for granted. Don’t we all? It goes without saying that since our movements have been restricted we have grown closer and are enjoying this time to reflect and think about what we will do when this is over. I remain positive. There is hope. I believe that this is temporary and soon, maybe not tomorrow or the next day or week but we will overcome this.

This week I have been…



We’ve really been enjoying Disney + these last few days. George has never seen X-Men so we’ve started them right from the beginning. We’ve also been watching some classics like Gummi Bears and Winnie the Pooh movies. I love that there is quite literally an endless supply of Disney magic in this app.


Enjoying keeping fit

This is one good thing to come out of being confined to our home. I very quickly realised I needed to exercise. For my mental health. For our well being as a family. For me. But also it’s lovely to share something with George. As well as balancing all the treats from the snack cupboard I keep eating.






Mr H is doing his best to keep us all supplied with tasty home cooked food. We do love his cooking. He’s started to batch cook as well as find new recipes to mix things up as well as old recipes that we adore. Like this Insanity Burger from Jamie Oliver. We always enjoy this when it’s BBQ season. Oh BBQ season, I do hope we’re back to seeing our friends when the weather warms up enough to be outdoors in the evenings.



Having fun together

We are enjoying our daily exercise as much as possible, trying to find some joy in the simple things. Whether it’s taking the football with us, a kitchen disco, walking the streets and finding blossom trees blooming. On the days when I haven’t made it much further than the front door step I’ve definitely felt it so from this weekend onwards I’m making an effort to go out every day without fail.



Supporting George

On Thursday George woke feeling a little sad. I noticed it straight away and immediately agreed that we would relax his day and let him take some time out. He isn’t a huge talker so we waited for him to come to us. There were a lot of cuddles and silent moments holding hands. We told him it was OK to feel what you feel. I think he’s started to grieve the life we should be living right now. He’s missing seeing his friends. The ones we don’t have telephone numbers for and cannot reach. George is facing months of not seeing his friends, playing with his football team and just being free – we all are but I can see he’s struggling. He’s lost the routine of School and clubs. We are trying to maintain a routine for him at home, for all of us as we navigate through this time together. Hopefully we’re doing right by him.


And that’s this week’s I have been post. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the little things.

The KA Edit
The KA Edit

I’m Kerri-Ann or KA as my friends call me, always found with a cup of coffee in one hand and my camera in the other. I have a huge passion for photography, fitness, fashion and family travel. I started this blog in 2014. It began as my creative outlet after becoming a mummy to our little boy George Archie. I started out blogging about parenting and over the years it has evolved into a blog that covers lifestyle, fashion, family and travel. Today TheKAEdit is ultimately a life and style blog. Thank you for reading x x


  1. Kelly Glen
    5th April 2020 / 7:41 am

    I don’t see why people are being criticised for still posting on their blogs, as you find its a great coping mechanism and a way to express your feelings about all the crazy things happening in the world at the moment, I know I find reading blogs is a great way to escape from everything for a while and I think we all need that every once in a while, I hope you continue to write your blog posts because I always like to read them. I hope George is feeling a bit happier now.

    • The KA Edit
      5th April 2020 / 4:17 pm

      It’s sad, well I think it is. And don’t get me wrong I also think it’s a little mis placed for influences to be selling clothes and bits on Insta – sadly so many are without salaries and reduced income so that is unfair. However that isn’t what I am doing, I am writing for me and for those readers that continue to follow. Thank you for being one of those. George is happier thank you, I have noticed the lows are coming in waves which I think sadly is typical of the time we are living in.

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