Me and Mine – March 2020

Me and Mine – March 2020

Farewell March, a month that will never leave us.

And so, it’s the end of Chapter 3. A month of great expectations as it was Mr H’s birthday month. In reality it was a month of the unknown. Life certainly has taken a different path. Different to the one we thought we were on. There is a new plan. The world is different now, it’s changing every day. It will be a much better place because of what’s happened. That much is sure. I feel as though as humans we will be stronger, thankful, kinder, warmer, aware that at any given moment things can change.

March saw the Coronavirus pandemic change the way we approach our daily life. Our routines and habits were interrupted. Life was forced to slow down. Homeschooling became a priority as does working from home, we now stay home to save lives – words which are repeated by friends, family and the government on an hourly and daily basis.

It took a few days to adjust, the truth is we are all still adjusting. Finding new ways to entertain ourselves when we can only enjoy the great outdoors once a day. We will get through this. This is only temporary. And whilst it’s different I find myself feeling closer to friends and family as we navigate this strange time together. Whether as we hold hands on our daily walk or via face time, zoom and houseparty when we’re chatting with friends.

There’s something about this time in isolation that is stirring emotions deep inside. I’ve cried with worry about my business. Not slept in fear of what is next. I find myself waking earlier than usual. My motherly instincts and desire to protect my family have stepped up a gear. I find myself wanting to capture the little moments, the ones in between, treasure the smiles and laughter more so than I ever have before. I feel a sense of closeness to my boys and fur baby like never before. I want to hold them tighter, to kiss them and stay close to them. I find myself calling out for them as we position ourselves in different corners of the house on work and School days.

And so let me tell you a little more about Me and Mine – March 2020…


Playing football and once again getting the man of the match award, dressing up as Dennis the Menace for World Book Day, clapping for our carers, hearing the news that Grandad is recovering well from his amputation and home schooling with us all together.



His surprise birthday party with 50 of his friends in one room, spending time at home with our fur baby, going out for lunch at The Slamwich Club, watching George play his last football match before the season ended due to Coronavirus and our daily walk together.



Blue skies and sunshine, sunset walks as part of our daily exercise, watching George play football, surprising Mr H with a party for his 40th birthday and a Mother’s Day walk around Trentham Gardens.





And that’s this months Me and Mine. A little different to my usual post as this time it feels emotional and that life has changed. I’m so glad I managed to grab a few photos of our family at our favourite spot before they closed the doors. Before our movements were restricted. You can take a little look at 2019’s me and mine project here. I say this each and every month, but this truly is a gorgeous family portrait project. Maybe even more so now.

And lastly, I hope you have a wonderful month of April ahead. And whilst it isn’t how you thought it would be or filled with day trips during the Easter break. It is however time together. Precious family time. We won’t get this down time back.

The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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