5 style staples every kid’s wardrobe needs for winter

5 style staples every kid's wardrobe needs for winter

5 style staples every kid’s wardrobe needs for Winter

I think I love George’s wardrobe more each year. As he grows that little older so does his love for fashion, his sense of style and obsession with hats. And just like our wardrobes I truly believe in investing in good quality staples that will last throughout Winter. We try to be sensible and remember that realistically there are only weekends when he wears anything other than a School uniform. Which is easier said than done when Zara unveils it’s Winter collection.

I always hear folk saying they struggle to style boys, whether baby or as old as my gorgeous George. Whereas we have never found having a boy to be a problem. We all love clothes and styling. If truth be told we love Zara, rarely deviating. It’s that simple – hence this post focussing on a recent Winter haul. It’s our first point of call as George has got older. Their clothes suit his frame and never disappoint in quality or style. And so, I thought I would share…


5 style staples every kid’s wardrobe needs for Winter


1. The cosy jumper

It’s all about the cosy jumpers at this time of year. Bright, colourful and full of texture. More recently he’s been choosing ones with slogans on, we all love bright colours and huge cosy knits with interesting patterns. They are in abundance on the Zara website and best of all, they wash well and last throughout the Winter months. For me, we buy in October so that he gets a full 6 months wear out them.


5 style staples every kid's wardrobe needs for winter


2. The in-between layer

We prefer layers at this time of year, it’s a little overwhelming going from the fresh Winter cold to the over heated shops. So when we saw this lined denim worker jacket we knew it would be the perfect in-between layer to wear under his winter coat. I only wish they did it in my size. How cool is it?


5 style staples every kid's wardrobe needs for winter


3. The Winter coat

I could buy several for him. Puffa jackets seem to be huge this year, I know he’d look great in one. Although, George isn’t a huge fan of big coats so instead we went for a middle ground option with the added benefit of layering with the denim layer above. I do love kids fashion at this time of year. I would probably say that Zara really is killing it this year with it’s Winter fashion for boys. We couldn’t resist adding some colour and instantly fell in love with this contrast Jacket.



4. Denim jeans

Zara do denim so well. And so well priced. We think. Whether you prefer a skinny fit, a wide leg or even a ripped finish they have them all. George wears his with a skin underneath when it’s super cold and generally chooses a skinny fit over anything else. I’ve just noticed that they have a washed black denim which look very cool. I can see George wearing them.



5. A Winter hat

I start to look at hats for George way back in October. And if truth be told I could buy several. Last years bobble hat is still going strong. So this year George wanted to add a beanie hat or two to his collection. We’ve kept it bright and went for red and yellow knitted beanie hats – all his choice. I think he chose well. And I love the little sayings on the badges.



And that’s a wrap on George’s Winter wardrobe. Would you add any items to the list?


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