This week I have been

This week I have been

Unashamedly posing in front of street art walls in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Well, when you see a wall that makes you smile there’s only one thing to do right? As well as grabbing a friend and ask her to grab a photo or two. Thank goodness my friends understand.

And for the rest of the week I have been…


Enjoying drinks with friends and a lazy Sunday

One of our friends celebrated his birthday this week. A little tradition we seem to have developed in this friendship group is to escape to Manchester for a day. There was drinking, eating, lots of chatter and so much laughter. Although I must remember that you have to be 25 to survive a hangover these days, especially when you have work on the Monday. We love the Northern Quarter in Manchester, stomping around the cobbled streets, eating in Mackie Mayor’s and then braving the last train home.


Getting back into exercise – [AD]

This week has been my first week back to training since getting back from Florida. I trained really hard before we went on holiday, a consistent 5 times a week for a year and if truth be told I just felt like a little break. That break lasted 6 weeks and if truth be told I was desperate to go back. One thing I have learnt over the last 5 years is that I really really enjoy it. I wouldn’t be without my trainers. I always leave feeling energised, aching a whole lot, but full of positive energy and a clear head. It’s really good for me. I’m a better person for it.

I am so thrilled to be an ambassador for MADE  – a fitness and wellness centre. The first of it’s kind in Staffordshire. You might remember me sharing an event I went along to in March with Jenny. It was a truly inspiring day and I have to say it opened my eyes to a new way of approaching my training. After almost 5 years of exercising – of following the same routine in what can only be described as industrial warehouses, which offered little versatility and flexibility in training schedules the opportunity came just at the right time. Looking back I can see that from the start of this year I was demotivated, bored even and with having to train at 6am to fit it into our family schedule I really do need to have a positive mindset.

And with this view when I train who wouldn’t want to? Hidden away in the countryside, it really is located in a gorgeous part of where I live.



Finding Instagram Walls

I have always loved street art and Manchester certainly has it in abundance. But since finding all the Instagram Walls at Walt Disney World I can’t help but look out for them. I feel like I might need to go on a bit of an Instagram Wall hunt everywhere we go. It’s been a couple of years now since I met Sarah in London and walked the streets of Belgravia. That was a great day – we must do it again soon.



Making a Roman Temple

This week parents were invited into School to take part in a workshop based around their current topic – Romans. It was a great couple of hours together and so much fun. We could only use cardboard, paper and tape. I really enjoyed making this creation with George, we decided that the Romans needed a little colour in their lives.



Supporting George Archie

George also had his first cross country competition this week. He tried out at school and came first in his group. So proud. He has been training hard at school and really built himself up to run as fast as he could. Year 3 and Year 4 boys and girls were competing in group races. Sadly it didn’t end well for him, there were so many of them competing – just as they set off he was tripped over and hit the deck.

It really upset him. Hurt him too. Knocked his confidence and sadly felt like he’d let his team down. It was so hard to see him so emotional, it really upset me. We encouraged him to go over and cheers his group, who thankfully placed and came over to George to console him. They are such a strong team but gosh seeing him fall was so hard. We’ve decided that next time he’ll get up and run. We’ve been showing him videos of famous athletes who have failed and come back stronger. Hopefully he’ll be inspired to try again.


And that’s a wrap. And now to enjoy the weekend with my boys. I have another training session on Saturday, the boys are off to the cinema and then we’re away to stay with friends for the night. A long overdue catch up. Have a great week.



The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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