Me and Mine Project – August 2018

Me and Mine Project - August 2018

Me and Mine in August. Sun-kissed, refreshed and ready for the cooler weather (well almost ready). I’m a little late writing this post, I guess you could say that our family holiday distracted me. But also because I promised myself a little digital detox, time away from the blog and emails. The beach is a blooming lovely distraction and was just what we all needed. The beach has always been our happy place. Last month I wrote that we were all looking forward to disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with our love of sandy beaches, sangria and tapas. And each other of course. And that is just what we did.

This is us in August. Since I last wrote this post we have spent the second half of the month enjoying the sunshine in Spain. Exploring the streets of Alicante and Murcia, seeking out local beach coves hidden away from the tourists, day trips, a waterpark and many many beach days. And what a gorgeous way to spend the last part of the summer holidays it was. It’s always tough counting down to our holiday, watching everyone enjoying their break as we wait until the end however it then feels lovely when we are away as its much quieter.

I have seen so much change in my gorgeous boy over the holidays – he seems to be growing in so many ways and not just out of his clothes. The way he approaches situations, his communication with us, his understanding of the bigger picture, his sense of humour, his thoughts towards school and trying new foods. But also his feet, his little legs, his arms. Everything is growing which I know sounds really silly as of course it will but gosh he’s going to be up to my shoulders soon. I can’t help but feel so proud of how he has approached the the new school year, a new school, new teachers and more. So much change but for the first time it hasn’t phased him.

Daddy is loving…

The waterpark in Spain, George tasting lots of new foods on our holiday, visiting La Manga Beach, getting back to our furry baby and spending evenings drinking cocktails on the beach.

George is loving…

Eating paella in Spain, playing in the sea, whoosing down the slides at the waterpark, buying football strips with his pocket money and getting a new bag for Junior School.

Mummy is loving…

Sangria & tapas, exploring Alicante, family time, sandy feet and salty kisses. 16 whole days of pure joy.


Me and Mine Project - August 2018

Me and Mine Project - August 2018

I hope you all have a super start to the school year, to wearing layers and seeing the trees changed. I have adored our long summer but oh my goodness isn’t Autumn pretty. We have no real plans in September other than settling into routine and feeling our way around George’s new school. I have added this post to Lucy’s #meandmineproject over on her blog Dear Beautiful.


The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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