It’s all about the memories {featuring LALALAB}…

Years ago printing photo’s was the only way you could see them again. The only way to be transported back to that moment in time you wish to remember, to a happy place, to preserve the best moments of your life. I still have the photo pinned on my mirror of when Mr H proposed in New York. Such happy times, a moment I want to remember forever. When I first met Mr H some twelve years ago we used to print all of our holiday photos – a trip to our local photo printing booth was always high on the priority list after returning from a holiday or break away. We would spend hours putting them in albums and flick through them on cosy Sunday afternoons. The good old days.

I suddenly became really conscious that we hadn’t printed a photo in such a long time unless it was a gift for Nanny at Christmas time or the odd one to go in a frame. I realised last year that we were flicking through the camera roll and looking back which as nice as that is it just isn’t the same. As a family I think it is really important to share those moments together like I did as a child, looking through photo albums and laughing over all the silly moments captured. I still have my childhood albums and I would love for George to have a bunch of his own to look through his family with. So in a bid to bring the good old days back we made a photo-wall last summer – a place where we could record all of our adventures and I am so glad that I did. It is such a great wall to look at in our kitchen.

Whether you are printing memories, making photo gifts or looking for decorations LALALAB is the best place to print all your wonderful photos. We have used a few different printing sites over the years and LALALAB is by far my favourite. Why? Because it’s so easy, simple to use and the prints never fail to impress. My preference are the vintage prints as I love how you can customise with a caption. This time around we needed to print a whole bunch of holiday snaps so we selected a photo box which held 48 photos – I can imagine it being such a lovely gift for someone special. And best of all I love that I can upload the photo’s direct from my iPhone to the app – a little old meets new world.

Do you print your photos?

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The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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