Things I Am Loving Lately…

Is it just me or has spring become everyone’s new favourite season? What’s not to love about blossom, bare ankles and the sun shining. I feel a little fickle saying that spring has become my new favourite – only a few months ago it was the Winter sunshine and of course the crisp leaves in Autumn but honestly I’m quite taken by April. Maybe just maybe it is because we have created some lovely family memories or possibly it is the natural beauty of the blossom hanging from the trees and invariable decorating the ground as we walk on by. And so here are a few things I have been loving lately…

Family life

Life lately as a family feels pretty perfect, we seemed to have settled in to a groove at school, work and home that makes us all happy and none more so than movie night on a Saturday. It started a little while ago when Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway hit our screens, our gorgeous boy fell in love with the awesome duo and has demanded to watch them since, belly laughing at their jokes and so we have declared Saturday nights family night. Where we snuggle up on the sofa with pizza & popcorn generally watching a super hero movie. I love this routine so much and it would seem that the boys do too, they’ve been out picking a new Panasonic 4K TV for our movie nights – boys and their toys hey? Although Chris Pratt does look pretty fantastic in HD!


I’ve said this before and I will say it again I love the fashion at this time of year, all the shops are filling up with bright colours and ditsy floral prints and lets not forget the little shorts and funky tees for our five year old. I am completely in love with a pleated skirt and baring my ankles, its the sign of warmer days to come – wearing less layers and basking in the sunshine. There are so many gorgeous summer dresses in Topshop, Zara and Mango that I am left swooning over a basket of clothes online waiting for Mr H to say I can hit the button.

Days out

What can I say – we have been blessed with the weather during the Easter holidays and enjoyed so many days out as a family as well as some rather lovely mummy and son time which I will always treasure. We enjoyed an Easter bunny hunt which turned into a fairy spotting trail, Gruffalo Spotting at Cannock Chase, flying a kite at our local country park and lastly time spent with friends at Trentham Gardens.

And lastly… Pretty Blooms

Is there anything more gorgeous than blossom trees and tulips in Spring. I’m quite taken by their ability to put a smile on anyones face. I love watching as the cherry petals fall from the swaying trees, in one breath it feels like such a waste but in the next I can’t help but stand beneath and catch as many as I can hoping to make pretty posies at home. And lets not forget the ever so sublime tulip – whether red, yellow, white, pink, scarlet or black they are just so bright and beautiful.

More days like these please. What things are you loving lately?

* Disclosure – collaborative post

The KA Edit
The KA Edit

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